Leo Kottke @ City Winery, 2/28/12


Let’s face it, you’re not going to get much better then Leo Kottke, and if you don’t know who this acoustic guitar master is then I suggest you Youtube him quick! I caught Leo with both his six and 12 strings at our own City Winery, the preeminent spot for acoustic solo or band music and enjoyed some yummy sliders with my ‘date’ (who happened to be my dad who had never heard of Mr. Kottke but walked away after this hour and a half a big fan). We settled in the classy and comfortable Winery space, enjoyed their fantastic acoustics and watched Leo Kottke perform his magic.

I have seen Leo Kottke a handful of times. This time was interesting as he sung a lot more than I am used to him doing (he also talked a bunch, like he always does, making the audience laugh with his laconic whit). A stand-out of the night was his take on the popular “Pamela Brown.” I have heard many versions of L.K. handling this one but this night it truly became quite the poignant love song.

Of course one comes to see and hear the magic of Leo Kottke perform on 6 as well as 12 string guitars, which he did plenty this night, most especially when he grabbed his slide and 12 string (not two things that go together all that often) and gave us a read of infamous “My Feet Are Smiling.”

There are plenty of moments when Leo Kottke plays  in such a way that you could swear there is more than one man on stage performing, creating  such a rich orchestrated sound. And while the alchemy this man manages is some of the most adept and at times speedy picking you’re ever likely to hear, it is also during the slower moments as well-many we had during this hour and a half show-when he is simply repeating a pretty riff on his 6 string that you’re reminded of what a true master Leo Kottke is.

If you haven’t yet seen Leo Kottke live, do yourself (and your dad) a favor and do so. If you haven’t yet enjoyed a night at our own City Winery, you owe it to yourself to get there as well, the staff is fantastic, the food great and the wine made in house!

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