We talk with Marcus Joons of Swedish electro-pop act Korallreven


Recently, I caught up with Marcus Joons from Swedish electro-pop duo Korallreven to have a chat before the commencement of their first U.S. tour ever. Korallreven are slated to headline at the Bowery Ballroom this Sunday, March 4th.

What is the best description of Korallreven that you’ve ever read or heard?

These lines by The Fader’s Sam Hockley-Smith are pretty funny, for sure: “‘As Young as Yesterday’ might be the most crystalline moment of Swedish-dudes-that-like-rap-and-also-wearing-flowing-white-pants-while-smoking-weed-at-the-beach-and-discussing-pop-music. Those drums!”

Since this is your first time playing in the U.S., what are your expectations?

We have only DJed here before. This means a lot to me; it feels so unreal, I lived here all of 2010 and have been here on and off for years. So, it almost feels like my second home. With that said, I don’t have any expectations, I’m just really happy that this is actually happening. I’m gonna enjoy every second.

What sort of environment or activity suits your music best?

I think it’s extremely individual. Music is as different to people as a lion is different from a zebra and a leopard. It’s a threat for the zebra but just something well-respected for the leopard. I, myself, like to run to our music. I love to run, especially those days when I feel almost weightless. That’s like my most legal drug.

What crosses your mind while you are playing music live onstage?

On a great day it’s just feelings; on a bad one, “Hey, who’s that and what the fuck are they talking about, and why are those people leaving?”

What are some of your favorite albums?

From last year, we truly loved the melancholic rave on Zomby’s Dedication and the even more melancholic rave on Elite Gymnastics Ruin.

Of the many remixes you have done, which was one of your favorites and why?

The Britney one. It just felt magical when it was done.

Describe a recent memorable show experience.

Well, we don’t get amazed by shows too often. We had a great night out after playing a show in Glasgow. Ended up in this club where a DJ played lots of good rave music and people danced around smiling, high on ecstasy and wearing t-shirts with Mickey Mouse-prints. Surreal.

What other musicians inspire you?

I get as inspired by running around Ã…rstaviken in Stockholm as listening to brand new and old music from all around the world.

Where else in the world would you love to play?

It would be like a full circle if we got invited to play in Samoa.

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