Flat Iron Addicts: Would You Spend $225 on the ghd Scarlet Collection?


As someone whose much-beloved flat iron recently pooped out on her (just 5 months after my warranty expired – figures!), I certainly can relate to the feeling of attachment to a beauty tool! And while I’m typically ready and willing to shell out the necessary dough to get a replacement flat iron delivered to my doorstep as soon as humanly possible, I still have my limit… and $225 definitely surpasses it! The ghd Scarlet Collection is a limited-edition flat iron set inspired by the Roaring 20s, including the haircare brand’s state-of-the-art Gold iron (with red plates!), sectioning clips, a protective plate guard, and a red roller bag for easy storage and travel. The crazy thing is that at $225, you’re actually getting a deal by splurging for the set, as the regular Gold styler sans the extras also retails for $225! I suppose as someone who has always opted for middle-of-the-road models at modest prices (and had to replace my iron every 2.5 years), I probably could afford to pay a little more for a higher-quality tool. But really? $225? What do you say, flat iron addicts: a small price to pay for quality, or way too pricey?

– Alexandra Gambardella

From our friends at thefind.com

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