Royal Canoe: Extended Play


Royal Canoe
Extended Play

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Canadian sensation Royal Canoe brings a hip-electric pop energy to their debut album, Extended Play.  A five-piece band with basses, tambourines, shakers, electric guitars, falsettos and Matt Peters’ vocals are similar to Passion Pit,  MGMT, and Gotye.

“Hold On to the Metal” has a laid-back indie vibe, which puts listeners into a state of serenity. Starting off with bongo melodies and electric guitar, it’s ultimately a groovy jam. With a reggae dance pop appeal, “dancing to the rhythm of the rattling, had a revelation” enlightens the audience with a harmonious song.

“Caught in a Loop” is a slow-paced melody with a blend of light drumming, two distinct tones of singing, “You ask me if I really need you.  I try to look away. There’s a hundred things I wish I could say to you.” A repetitive beat of drums, electric guitar, and background singing to stray a clear message of being caught up on a past lover followed by a melancholy piano.

“Bathtubs” starts off with a snippet of a conversation in a recording studio with the chorus repeating, “The bathtubs in the hallway are here to stay. One for every bedroom where the tenants use to stay. The bathtubs in the hallway are in the way.”  Peters’ voice is unexpectedly revamped into a darker, raunchy sound toward the end of the song.

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