THE SEX FILES: Flagrante Delicto

Will Santillo’s new book├é┬áFlagrante Delicto,├é┬ábegun in 2003, features couples, threesomes, hetero and homosexual focusing on the├é┬á“sensorial journey through the most private sexual fantasies of the individuals captured in authentic moments of surrender.” And from the large book I hold in my hands and keep rifling through I’d say Mr. Santillo’s hardcover photo essay is about as close as you’re going to get to people having sex…without you being one of those people.

Mr. Santillo is no stranger to this subject or these sumptuous tomes showing it. A graduate from the prestigious M.I.T. School of Architecture and furthering his studies in Architecture at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, he is a transplanted New Yorker and dual American/Canadian citizen. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and books (I interviewed him previously for THE SEX FILES here) and has been shown in New York, Toronto and Berlin.

As I thought when reviewing, what was at the time my first exposure to Mr. Santillo’s work, with his Taschen release├é┬áLa Petite Mort,├é┬áthe exact way this man presents what I thought was sepia-stained pictures in my limited photographic knowledge. Mr. Santillo taught me in our interview about how he developed a formula after much experimentation and some happy accident, where the├é┬ádark areas of his pictures are actually purple, the mid tones sepia and top end are sienna.

Either way, it gives a truly unique and instantly recognizable look to these super erotic images from a master photographer.

Flagrante├é┬áDelicto,├é┬áwith it’s 125 pictures, is the first volume of what is being called the├é┬áRisqu├â┬ę├é┬áSeries, featuring├é┬áSantillo.├é┬áThe limited edition books, certainly a piece of fine art if ever there was one, is an exclusive collectors volume, available for purchase strictly on-line here:├é┬áhttp://www.santillophotography.com/General/pages/frameSetWindow.html

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