Dandy Warhols in NYC, 6/5/12

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This past Tuesday, June 5th, the Dandy Warhols put on two distinct New York performances in one day. The first performance was an acoustic one with two members of the four-piece band. It took place at Flavorpill HQ in the afternoon as part of Flavorpill Sessions with Livestream. During the forty-five minute session, Courtney Taylor-Taylor and “Fatty” (Brent De Boer) sang several songs together with two acoustic guitars and answered questions that viewers posted live.

Between songs, they clarified the number of Dandy Warhols albums released to date (7), credited Chad Blake’s music-mixing genius over the past fifteen years, and reflected on living in New York in the past. When asked whom they’d collaborate with if they could choose any artist, Courtney named Jack White, while Brent named Dr. Dre. When discussing life on Christoper Street (NYC), Courtney called if “frightening,” while Brent found it enjoyable. Courtney referenced the source of the artwork on the new album This Machine as coming from Hickory Mertsching, the selection of which he described as unconventionally conventional for the Dandy Warhols. My favorite part was hearing Courtney describe their music as “making trance with the same instruments Simon and Garfunkel used years ago.”

What made the Flavorpill Sessions set especially interesting was that Taylor-Taylor and De Boer, who are also cousins, live on two different continents right now – the U.S. and Australia – and don’t get to see each other and play music together on a regular basis. They commented that this distance hasn’t hurt the music-making process but has actually made them more disciplined. Watching them interact and joke around with each other was great because of how they would simultaneously chat and forget everyone in the room, as well as how they would talk to everyone around them at the same time. As candid and nonchalant as they were, they were just as professional. Songs like “We Used to Be Friends,” took on a back-porch vibe with Courtney’s slightly raspy voice, a more relaxed guitar, and a quiet room.

Tracklist for Flavorpill Sessions
1. “Sad Vacation” (This Machine)
2. “Well They’re Gone” (This Machine)
3. “We Used to Be Friends” (The Monkey House)
4. “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” (Bob Dylan cover)
5. “Stars” (Brian Jonestown Massacre cover)

Later on that night, the full band performed a full two-hour set at Irving Plaza. Everyone there was so full of energy as they sang along to both new and old songs. As a long-time listener to the Dandys, I was really happy that they started their set with older songs off their second album, Come Down. Later on, they would also play a slew of songs off many of their other albums, particularly Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia and This Machine. One of my favorite things about the Dandy Warhols is that trance element described at the Flavorpill sessions because it is that which weaves their songs together and allows everyone to maintain the vibe they create with their music, which is so distinctly their own.

It was such a pleasure to spend the day rocking to the Dandy Warhols. Check out their Livestream gig below.

Watch the whole livestream here.

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