Eve 6: Speak In Code


Eve 6
Speak In Code
(Fearless Records)

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It’s been a while since Eve 6 has been on the radio music scene. “It’s All In Your Head,” from 2003, maintained the band’s sound: fun, unsophisticated pop-rock. Speak In Code is the band’s reunion and return to their classically fun sound.

If you can listen to Speak In Code without bouncing around and having a good time, you’re quite unique. There’s no disputing that the album is pure, pop-rock fun. Is the album sophisticated or going to win Album of the Year? No, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love it. “Blood Brothers” is perhaps the most sophisticated track on the album, starting with an almost bluesy vibe. The track moves on to a bit more of a big band sound before returning to the chorus. Fun, loud and sure to get you on your feet. “Lost & Found” sounds a bit like “Think Twice” from the band’s prior album, but has the potential to be a summer anthem. A lot of the tracks on this album have the potential to be blasting from your car all summer long.

As the pre-chorus to “Lost & Found” states: “Open the floodgates now/Let the water fall down.” Let the fun of this album in and you will have a great time!

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