Tokyo Police Club @ Bowery Ballroom, 6/10/12


What a fun freaking band. As a first-timer at a Tokyo Police Club concert last Sunday at Bowery Ballroom, I guess I went in with lower expectations than I should have. Even though I love their music and expected to have a good time, I didn’t quiet realize what a fun, danceable, singalong kind of band TPC is, especially when it comes to their fan favorites, “Bambi” and “Your English Is Good,” and even a rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” that they played during the encore (which I really enjoyed in a completely un-ironic way). The crowd danced and partied and shouted along, beer from their cups sloshing everywhere. And as much fun as the crowd was having, I think lead singer David Monks was having an even better time, as a huge grin never left his face.

But what’s a party without confetti, you ask? Well there was that too! Loads of it, in fact, launching into the air during both TPC’s set and the set of the excellent opening act, Hollerado. These openers, also from Ontario, Canada, set the mood well with tight, guitar-centric rock tunes.

What made Tokyo Police Club’s set stand out to me so much was how the band never seemed to be just going through the motions as some bands do. They seemed to really love the songs they’ve written and love experiencing them live with their audience. This is definitely a party to check out next time the band comes to town. (Just don’t wear anything that you don’t want smelling of beer and sweat by the end!)

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