Counting Crows @ Lacoste Live! Concert Series, 7/17/12


When I think of the Counting Crows, I’ll have to admit, a summertime concert sponsored by Lacoste isn’t the first scenario that comes to mind. But, on the evening of Tuesday the 17th, that was the scene. Situated in a large empty lot among the abandoned factories along Kent Street in Williamsburg, the Crows took the stage along with We Are Augustines, Fields Report and Kasey Anderson & The Honkies. Despite the heat index circling around 100 degrees and the air smelling like a combo of sweat, sunscreen and beer, the bands sounded fantastic.

Dressed in full suits (they must have been hot as hell), Field Report played a beautiful set of the most summertime-appropriate music. Pedal steel-tinged, easy going tunes made for a great way to get the show going. Immediately following them was We Are Augustines (formerly known as Pela), who played another excellent set of rock songs featuring lead singer Billy McCarthy’s raspy yet strong vocals that, although occasionally border on melodramatic at times, are filled with a great sense of urgency and passion that reminds me of Brian Fallon from the Gaslight Anthem.

Topping the roster for the evening though of course were Counting Crows. I was skeptical of how good this band would look and sound on stage, as they slowly ease their way into becoming a “classic rock” band. (How old does that make you feel now?!) But dreadlocked Adam Duritz and Co. sounded fantastic as they played through an hour and a half set of hits (“Mr. Jones,” “Hanginaround,” “Long December”) and lesser known tracks that spanned their full career. The most fun point in the evening was during “Hanginaround,” a song that I’m sure that band is sick to death of playing by now (though they never let on to it) when all the members from the three opening bands were invited on stage to join in singing.

And the party continues! For more information about upcoming Lacoste Live! Concert Series shows be sure to check out Ticketmaster.

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