Suckers: Candy Salad


Candy Salad
(Frenchkiss Records)

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You are missing out if you’ve somehow missed listening to the Brooklyn-based band, Suckers. On their second full-length release, Candy Salad, the band reminds listeners of just why they deserve every accolade they’ve ever received.

Suckers makes music that is smooth, indie-rific and a bit anthemic. For example, “Bricks to the Bones” features lyrics like, “Your love is all/I could never be alone,” that are beautiful and haunting. Chanted over sweet and brisk mellow guitar lines, the song is slick. After the chorus, the breakdown is just plain sick before vocalist Quinn Walker comes back in again. This album would be the perfect complement to a weekend at the beach or even a quiet weekend afternoon. “Leave the Light On” is ominous and quiet. Starting off with little keyboard strokes of genius, the lyrics kick in with a bit of an echo. Talk about a creepy track that is still a stunner. The song even features a “ba-da-da-da-da-dah” in the middle. This psych pop ensemble continues to craft gorgeous songs album after album, track after track.

If you’ve got any sense left in you, be sure to pick up this album and see the band live as soon as you possibly can. You won’t regret taking the time.

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