The Daily Shortlist July 5


Location: Lower East Side, NYC
Event: CBGB Festival
Show time: 7 PM
Venue: The Bowery Electric
Food: The Stanton Social
Drink: The Magician
Miscellaneous: The Pink Pony

The CBGB Festival features emerging artist showcases, music business conferences, rock and roll film screenings and industry panel discussions and a whiskey fest. This showcase will see Richard Lloyd, The Bowery Tones, Faith, The Indecent, and The Waldos perform. For dinner, The Stanton Social has earned a reputation for being a beautifully designed restaurant/lounge while serving up some delicious multi-ethnic cuisine. For drinks, a favorite of mine is The Magician, this bar’s chill atmosphere just may be the cure for a well-earned night of rocking. A great way to end the night? Stop by The Pink Pony. This boho café has been serving French food and coffee since the 80s and has a relaxing vibe. It’s as punk as that neighborhood gets nowadays.

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