Wolf in a Spacesuit @ Glasslands Gallery, 7/11/12

Wolf in a Spacesuit (WiaS) is the amusingly named musical project of Chicago’s Algebra Huxley, with a sound falling nicely into the experimental electronic genre. A trippy single by the name of ‘Bark of a Cedar‘  was enough to woo me into making the journey over to catch the stop at Glasslands. The fact that this tour was funded via Kickstarter made it an especially interesting item for me to review.

A reward for arriving too early was a great set by an alt rock four-piece from Jersey called Big Girl. I really enjoyed their crisp, loud rock sound, landing somewhere just shy of punk rock. They stood out with an ensemble cast of vocalists and an especially enthusiastic keyboardist.

The next two acts were a pair of macbook magicians. First was Spooky Cheddar, who is also on tour with WiaS as bassist. Following was BZARYN, a solo act out of Montreal. Both were very similar, channeling psychidelic-synthpop type grooves. Though neither were very compelling live acts, each’s recordings on bandcamp are very worthy of further listening.

There was a small haul this evening, as WiaS wound up playing to an intimate crowd of only twenty or so. Algebra was quite busy as a singer and synther, but I found it awkward that he was joined by a gal for the performance who only sporadically contributed backing vocals. Wolf actually has a sizable back catalog, but I believe most of tonight’s set came from their one LP, Safari: Sea of Doors. There was no encore, and we got a short set, but I left content seeing an artist perform well that definitely is far on the bleeding edge of indie.

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