Bullet for Adolf directed by Woody Harrelson

David Coomber and Nick Wyman. Photo: Carol Rosegg

Woody Harrelson puts 80’s nostalgia in the spotlight in the play he directed and coauthored with Frankie Hyman, Bullet for Adolf. Like the play’s over the top, almost vaudevillian humor and physicality, it’s not altogether necessary but it’s a whole lot of fun.  The play is based on Woody’s experience working construction in Houston in the summer of 1983 before his big break in Cheers, and the eight characters include one based on each of the co-authors.  The plot follows the work crew as they fight for their jobs and often avoid work until a party at which a priceless World War II artifact is stolen, causing a chain reaction leading towards a whodunit in which they question each other and cast suspicions.

One of the real strengths of the play is its examination of racial politics both socially and in the workplace as the unlikely crew of varied characters become friendly and deal with conflict. The cast is strong, especially Brandon Coffey who plays Woody Harrelson’s alter ego Zach and David Coomber who plays a comedic up-tight, effeminate Clint. The play is far from your typical Broadway fare thanks to the barroom humor, but it makes for a performance that nearly anyone might enjoy and it runs through September 9 at New World Stages.

For more information on Bullet for Adolf, please visit www.bulletforadolf.com.

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