FILM: You’ve Been Trumped


Disliking Donald Trump in this day and age is easy, thanks to the tycoon’s total lack of charm and taste in the media. Director Anthony Baxter’s new documentary, You’ve Been Trumped, paints the Don as more than just an 80’s guy with boneitis as Trump aims to build a new golf course in Scotland, leveling an important geographic beachfront and taking on a group of locals over their land.  The film sets up a good case against Trump’s construction from an ecological perspective and indeed, the local council denies the project, but the golf course gets a second chance when the decision is suddenly overturned by the Scottish government and construction begins on the new “best golf course in the world.”

A group of locals with a wealth of character, whose homes become threatened by the project, are introduced along with various creative grassroots efforts to save their homes. But when questioned, Trump seems to relish in the role as the villain, taking notes from Vince McMahon as he gives them the Rosie O’Donnell treatment.  The story is a bit disheartening at times, yet there is solace in the fact that this isn’t just an America issue and an alarming moment raises even more questions when Baxter is arrested onscreen for seemingly no reason.  The film raises some important and very current issues and in the world of first-person style social advocacy documentaries pioneered by Michael Moore, Baxter fits right in.

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Tim Needles is an artist, photographer, humorist, and writer from Long Island, NY. His writing and art work has been seen in multiple exhibitions and publications around New York as well as the Photographer’s Forum, French Photo, the New York Times, and LI Pulse magazine. He is also an educator and currently teaches art and film at Smithtown, NY and as an Education Leader for Adobe. He was recently the recipient of the Robert Rauschenberg Award in Washington DC and serves as the director of Strictly Students, a non-for-profit group for media and education. His work can be seen on his website:


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