Passion Pit: Gossamer

Passion Pit
(Columbia Records)

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Passion Pit’s return with Gossamer doesn’t compare to their first energetic album, Manners, with it’s ear-catching favoritesSleepyhead,” The Reeling,” and “Make Light.” Gossamer is a more mature album with themes of physical and metaphorical struggles of getting to the brighter side, “And tomorrow’s sun and buildings scrape the sky.”  Ironically enough, the first single, “Take A Walk,” portrays the main theme of the album: heartache.

“I’ll Be Alright” speeds up with momentum, a chipmunk-like projected voice makes a perfect mix for a workout session.  Lead singer, Michael Angelakos sings, “You should go if you want to” in his distinct voice. Flooded with vocal synchronizations, “Carried Away” redundantly discusses the universal aspect of dealing with reoccurring problems.

“Constant Conversations” depicts a wrecked love story, “Someday you’re gonna need to find some other kind of place to go,” and continually works off the album’s premise.  Exploring the band’s high and low wavelengths of love, loss, and uncertainties with magnetically raw attention to their electric vibe.

Closing with a paradoxical happy ending, “Where We Belong,” is a pop electric statement for Passion Pit’s growth.  This second full-length release has similarities to Neutral Milk Hotel, MGMT,  and  Vampire Weekend.

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