Walk the Moon: Walk the Moon


Walk the Moon
Walk the Moon
(RCA Records)

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If you’re still on the hunt for your go-to indie rock band of the summer, then look no further than Walk the Moon. These Ohio natives show that they know the art of sundrenched pop rock.

On the whole, Walk the Moon is a solid debut that has the energy and edge of bands like Mystery Jets and Kaiser Chiefs. Musically, Walk the Moon has managed to perfectly balance the art of staying indie while still being utterly catchy and inventive. “Jenny” has a phenomenal bass intro that most bands wouldn’t even touch because they don’t give the instrument enough respect, and “Anna Sun” is one of the most engaging songs of the season. Each line builds upon the last, and the drums pound on until you find yourself nodding and, eventually, dancing along.

My one complaint about this album is the lyrics. Sometimes they are cloyingly simplistic. It’s all well and good if you’re just dancing and jumping along to the beat, but “Lisa Baby” and the previously mentioned “Jenny” are just embarrassing as far as the writing goes. I wouldn’t want to be singing along because I would be too self-conscious. Sometimes Walk the Moon are at their best when they embrace the repetitive and make it intense, like in the underspoken “Iscariot.” As far as major label debuts go, Walk the Moon is solid, but the band should polish up the words to match the skill shown instrumentally for their next release.

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