Kimono Rose Body Lotion


Though springtime flowers are about forty degrees and a few months behind us, Thymes has literally bottled up Spring so as to allow us to enjoy the fresh scent of roses, peonies and jasmine all year round.

Thymes, a 30+ year-old luxury fragrance collaborative based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that abides by a philosophy that fragrance “captivates us, uniting and inspiring us every single day,” and that it is “both our journey and our destination.”

Thymes’ Kimono Rose Body Lotion (270 ml, $25) is underscored with the motto, “femininity, redefined.” What exactly it is about femininity that this lotion is redefining remains to be seen, but feminists and non-feminists alike are inclined to enjoy the moisturizing and sensuous benefits of this product.

The formula is creamy but not greasy. The scent is at first a bit overpowering, but gradually softens to a hint of something very sweetly floral. Kimono Rose includes vitamin E and shea butter that moistens skin effectively, so much so that while I am still able to revel in other remnants of the spring and embrace the sunny, beachy days of summer, I might just reserve my bottle of Kimono Rose for the winter.

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