Austin City Limits: Day 1, 10/12/12

Austin City Limits (ACL), a major music festival down in Texas happened last weekend. An epic gathering of artists easily lured me in for the jont down there. Friday’s dry heat, the overall novelty of it all and the day’s solid billing wound up making it my favorite day of the weekend.

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister were a pretty solid alt-country group in a motley array of costumes. Their gimmick is a standing drummer who tap dances as an alternative source of percussion. I digged it.

It was too early and too hot for Los Campesinos! Or at least that’s how I’d explain the sluggish audience. Every time I’ve seen them prior, it’s been a total party. Got disappointed and left early.

First Aid Kit, of Sweden, is a two sister folk act. I’m 99% sure they were rocking fans on stage to make their long hair and dresses flow nicely. They fit the mellow mood nicer.

Delta Spirit was the first act I saw where the party really got started. There were plenty of beach balls, dancing and an overall raucous attitude. They’re definitely worthy of accolades for their uptempo americana sound.

Tegan and Sara left me a bit polarized.I liked the live cast additions and their faster songs are definitely a fun time. Their slower material is what gets me though, making me feel uncomfortably out of their target demographic.

Always bet on Weezer. My single toughest choice this festival was picking these guys over Florence. They wound up being my favorite act of the festival, so I certainly felt vindicated. As Weezer’s battled to stay relevant (and lost), a festival setting was the perfect place to catch them for the first time. Condensed to an hour, they rocked out a serious collection of hits without a misstep.

The Black Keys were Friday night’s finale. The massive screens and speakers set up definitely made it easy to chill way back and just dance the night away with plenty of space and chill neighbors rather than deal with the packed crowds.

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