Don Felder @ City Winery, 10/13/2012


(Photo credit: Anna Rodriguez)

We should all be aware of the contributions of individual band members, beyond their songwriting and singing, to the sound of a band as a whole. I always thought, and now know, that Don Felder was every much as responsible for the mid-Eagles sound (hits too) as anyone else in the band and his amazing playing and still competent vocals proved as much to me the other night at City Winery.

Opening with probably his most famous song, “Hotel California” a truly youthful looking Felder peppered in stuff from his new album (his first in eleven years) Road to Forever-songs like “Pride and Joy”  a rockin’ fun “Girls In Black” and the truly stellar-and quite commercial-“I Believe in You”-and Eagles tunes. The 90 minutes featured the rare “Seven Bridges Road” (showcasing the full backing vocal prowess of every member of Felder’s 4 piece band) a truly rousing “Those Shoes” (complete with talk box), my personal favorite (and the rare solo tune not from his new album) Felder’s blistering title track to the movie “Heavy Metal” (remember this one used in that infamous South Park ‘Boobland’ episode?) and the lanky guitarist’s still spot-on-dexterity on “Life in the Fast Lane.”

City Winery was the perfect spot to catch this rare appearance of a great player with its intimate low lit restaurant area, ample stage and great acoustics. I just wish Felder would tour round these parts more often.

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