Short and Sweet NYC

Duane Howard @ Santos Party House, 9/27/12

Audiohype premiered their event at Santos Party House with a line of sponsors and a brand new radio station Soundbyte Radio. It’s a company that integrates artist development and promotion.

Duane Howard, Brooklyn based R & B artist took the stage with his aviators and a red and white plaid shirt. With the release of his latest EP, Blue Light he performed his Hot 97 acclaimed single, “Gimme Your Body” and grasped the attention of the audience. It’s a mix of reggae, Jamaican, and a Bob Marley twist. A slow jam with lyrics insinuating his desire to be with a past lover. The title explains the premise of the song.

Performing cover songs of Chris Brown’s “No Bullshit” and Trey Songz “Heartattack,” Howard mends his signature sounds with a pop and R&B smooth pace. This is only the beginning of Howard’s journey. The sponsors of the event were Melissa Antoinette, SKEnergy, ONI-BODY, and more.

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