Elizabeth Grant Hand & Foot Cream


A product that comes with a sarcastic cautionary label for its smell may not be best marketing; nevertheless Elizabeth Grant’s Hand & Foot Cream ($29, 8 oz.) is the most effective lotion I have tried to date. The potent aroma in the lotion is camphor – think Vicks or any other medicinal topical cream. The camphor works with Grant’s patented Torricelumn formula to immediately relieve, soften and hydrate skin almost like a massage. I used it twice a day; mostly when I knew I wasn’t going to be around people because I didn’t want to smell like a medicine cabinet.  The hand and foot cream is non-greasy and instantly heals the condition of skin to perfection. Elizabeth Grant’s Hand & Foot Cream will win over any commercial brand lotion due to its effectiveness. I just wouldn’t use it before a date!

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