Mickey Avalon: Loaded


Mickey Avalon
(Suburban Noize Records)

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Mickey Avalon brings a fully Loaded experience of pomp, hip-hop and varying circumstance.

The Cali-rapper has been on the L.A. club scene for a few years now, touring sold-out shows alongside Snoop Dogg, Travis Barker, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the late DJ AM to name a few. So it is no surprise that Loaded is filled with famed debauchery about drugs, women and the seedy backdrop of Hollywood. Raw and honest, Mickey paints some wicked images of his sexual escapades, especially on third single “More Junk,” “How we do for a kiss/And she couldn’t resist/Dropped the keys out her hands/Grabbed hold of my dick/Bitch was swift/With the kung fu grip/Little Ms. Ticklish Licorice Stick/Took a trip with the tip of my tongue/From my lips to her tits/‘Round her belly button/Now baby doll …Tell me something/Have you met the man so damn handsome.”

Avalon isn’t everyone’s shot of alcohol, but what he lacks in major radio play, the L.A. artist more than makes up for in clever wordplay and head-nodding tracks like “Rock Bottom,” “More Junk,” “Electric Gigolo,” and “Tight Blue Jeans.”

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