Mika: The Origin of Love

The Origin of Love
(Casablanca Music)

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Mika’s latest album – the epic, double disc masterpiece The Origin of Love – has me wondering something his legions of fans have been thinking all along: is this Freddie Mercury incarnate?

Known for his dance songs with substance to spare, Mika’s third major studio album does not disappoint. Some pop artists sample Kanye, some sample Jay-Z, but leave it to Mika to sample the hit musical Wicked. Needless to say, his signature quirkiness is ever-present throughout the 23 tracks, which are tied together with one-liners and overarching themes that leave listeners thinking about what really matters in day-to-day life. Ranging from joyous to downright pompous (in a good way: remember that bully who used to make fun of you at recess? Mika does too, and he’s putting her in her place one tune at a time), the albums take us on an emotional journey, and leave us right where Mika wants us…ready to hit play again!

Mika has also been known to take a breakup ballad and turn it into a reason to celebrate, and there’s no shortage of such tracks this time around, with songs like “Lola,” “Overrated,” and “Love You When I’m Drunk” relating the uncomfortable feeling of waffling between something that’s love and some that just isn’t for a touch too long. But all tracks move on to a happy chorus as soon as Mika realizes life is too short for the drama, but just long enough to dance!

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