Sea Wolf: Old World Romance

Sea Wolf
Old World Romance
(Dangerbird Records)

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The beatific spiraling of acoustic guitars that stylistically adorn the pulsating drumming throughout Old World Romance, the new release by Sea Wolf, is atmospherically affectionate and mesmerizing. The melodiousness of guitars feel organic, at times stricken and at times gleeful, alongside what the album’s title captures here – a beckoning back to an old world that is quickly evolving into a new one met dramatically with trepidation and a fearlessness. The rapid fire drums and echoing background vocals on songs like “Kasper” and “Old Friend” are poetic, deep and pop-infused. On “Miracle Cure,” Sea Wolf founder Alex Brown Church sings, “So colorful and loud, so full of pride/Though our languages were different, we were both the same/We just wanted to live before we die.” Based out of Los Angeles, Sea Wolf operates within folk-indie lush, painting memories within the brushstroke of lyrical recollections and present day awareness that give the listener crisp images and an emotional attachment. The inner churnings of the musicianship create a picnic blanket utopia perfect for stargazing and contemplation. Old World Romance is mood music to the core and hints at a sensual cerebral innocence.

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