THE SEX FILES: It Might Be Fake But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Great!

How many times have I mentioned Fifty Shades Of Grey in the past six months of THE SEX FILES? Yes, the book is super dooper popular and many a critic and sociologist has opined that E.L. James’ trilogy is bolstering renewed interest in adult toys, at least out in the suburban hinterlands. It’s even predicted that sex toys will rival smart phones in sales in the next decade (see this article).

Now I have written about specific toys before, dropped many an opinion on the influence of Shades on the BDSM side of things, as I have presented expose’ and interview about companies, stores and manufacturers, but the toy I wanted to expound on today is dildos. Ok, now take it easy straight guys! There is lots to learn and like about dildos and from the variety you’ll find from a company like our friends Adam & Eve, everybody is bound to find something they like when it comes to a fake cock.

There are glass dildos-fantastic for those of you more advanced who like or want to try temperature play-and those made of rubber and various jelly materials; dildos shaped specifically for certain areas of the body, like the apt named “Crystal Jellies Anal Starter” (go ahead, take a guess where this goes); dildos thick, some thin, some long and others so small they actually fall into the ‘plug’ category of sex toys; ones with ridges and bumps and even double dongs, so everybody can stay in the game as equally as everybody else! You’d be hard pressed to find a better variety of these specific types of sex toys (View the many varieties at Adam & Eve to start) and that’s just a small portion of what Adam & Eve has on their site. And actually that’s another important point that needs to be made in this adult toy revolution we are currently experiencing: Nowadays consumers can buy toys online, search for them in the comfort of their own home and in the case of Adam & Eve, guys and girls, couples alike can even call an 800 number to talk facts and have their questions answered.

I can’t say it will be a dildo for you and/or for your lover (or that you should buy a toy at all), but isn’t nice to know that your smart phone is not the only thing you’ll have your hands on in the future and that there are stores like Adam & Eve where you can go get what you need to help you ‘communicate’ better with your mate?

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