Peace + Touche at Glasslands, 12/19/12


‘Twas a night of some strong new music, Touche and Peace, making their debuts in the NY scene. Both are emerging indie acts who were mashed together as co-headliners for this evening. It’s not the most cohesive billing, but when vetting the newest music it infrequently is. Seeing these artists performing in a tiny venue as they establish themselves here is the draw.

Brooklyn locals were on support tonight. First was Night Shining, a solo keyboardist with aims towards the pensive and melancholy. As first up in an empty space, it wasn’t spellbinding, but the potential and talent is there for future work. Rarechild, whom I’ve profiled earlier this year, are wrapping up their project of one track a month for the year. They’ve produced a few cool new tracks recently; their collection can be viewed on bandcamp.

Touche are an indie duet from LA in the pop music space utilizing bass, guitar, synth and vocal harmonies. They’ve got a great collection of songs that are getting put forth for an LP next Spring. I gotta lament that their use of a backing track holds them back as a live act, though I do love their chemistry as a duo. If they start touring with a full band, it won’t be a show to miss.

Peace are a band of lads hailing from the UK, with a danceable brand of Brit rock. It’s very much emphasized on guitar jams with catchy lyrics, reminding me immediately of acts like The View or The Kooks. Also, their lead singer definitely derives his fashion from Ryan Jarman of The Cribs. Peace has an EP out currently, Delicious, and a slew of well produced music videos for it. They’ll grow quickly in visibility in 2013.

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