Simian Mobile Disco @ Webster Hall, 12/6/12

Photo credit: Christopher McLaughlin
Photo credit: Christopher McLaughlin

The duo behind Simian Mobile Disco have been dishing out solid dance beats for the better part of a decade now. Catching them at Webster Hall was a no brainer for anyone looking to get down. Indeed, the audience all around was blitzed to the beat once SMD got going. They’ve continued their series of strong releases this year with their fourth album, Unpatterns.

One was certainly punished if they got here early though. No support tonight left us with the Fixed DJs Dave P and JDH. Not to knock on them, because they deliver good house music, but I expected more given the two and a half hours from showtime to SMD’s start. Webster Hall was empty for the majority of their playing; I wound up bailing for an hour or so to check out the acts playing in the Studio to kill time.

All was amended once SMD took the stage. The two gentlemen took their positions around their modular synths and started the beats with no introduction. They actually would say nothing to the crowd during their set and just play away without pause. Alas, it was all over in a blink, with only an hour before the 10:30 curfew hit us. It was great, however brief, with blistering lights, strobes and a palpable bass. I left satisfied, but I’ll be hoping for a longer set next time around.

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