Elizabeth Grant Collagen Infused Tinted Moisturizer & Primer


One of the roughest parts of being a beauty writer is what do you do when you don’t want to write up the product; not because it is a bad or ineffective but because you want to keep it a top-secret! This has been my experience with the Canadian skin care line Elizabeth Grant. I have reviewed many of her products and now I almost use the line exclusively.

Elizabeth Grant makes incredible primers and I tried a second primer called Beautiful Colors Makeup Primer ($30, 1 oz.). Unlike their other primer, this one is non-tinted with a lightweight texture. The primer is infused with patented Torricelumn (the best anti-aging ingredient on the mass market), vitamins A, C and E. I applied the primer over my daily moisturizer and it easily absorbed, providing a silky canvas for further makeup application. The second Elizabeth Grant product I am coveting, and hording, is the Elizabeth Grant Collagen Infused Tinted Moisturizer ($80, 2 oz.). I love this product because it is two in one, which is the justification behind the price. The tinted moisturizer is both a foundation and moisturizer with sheer coverage to be suitable for all skin colors. The creamy texture gives a natural, radiant glow without the suffocation of heavy foundations. It contains marine collagen, Shea butter, aloe, vitamins A, E, and B, jojoba, and sodium hyaluronate which retains moisture at space age proportions. For three weeks, I applied the tinted moisturizer daily and my skin looks smoother with diminished lines.

As a writer, it can be hard to keep secrets, but sometimes it’s just too good to keep to yourself. The Elizabeth Grant collection has the potential to be a major brand. The products are genuinely effective, inexpensive and the patented Torricelumn is invaluable.

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