The Brand New Heavies: Dunk Your Trunk


heaviesThe Brand New Heavies
Dunk Your Trunk
(Pedigree Cuts)

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Since their first album was released in the early 90’s, The Brand New Heavies have been that consistently spectacular genius-minded group that blends together jazz, a lot of funk, pop, R&B and soul. They have had monstrous hits like “Never Stop,” “Brother Sister and “Dream on Dreamer.” The group has consisted of amazing female lead singers, currently N’Dea Davenport and others such as Siedah Garrett and Sy Smith.

On Dunk Your Trunk, “High Rollin” is characteristically upbeat and radiating, made lively by a tight horn section that fades in and out of a mellower groove. The title track throws some homage with a James Brown motif. “Cafe Luxe” is dreamy and laid back as a sweltering trumpet solo sizzles.

This new release is purely instrumental, but still not lacking in voracious funked-out musical escapades. “Milf Shake,” with its pouty keys and bouncy guitar riffs, is fun and lively, like on “Soho Strut,” where guitars electrify with a bass line dedicated to cure the foulest of spirits. Classy and synonymous with what has always made The Brand New Heavies legendary, Dunk Your Trunk is a perfect mix of riotous mood-elevating funk specifics.

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