The Daily Shortlist January 23


SoundgardenLocation: Chelsea, NYC
Music: Soundgarden
Show time: 8 PM
Venue: Hammerstein Ballroom
Food: Supermac
Drink: Stout
Miscellaneous: Jack’s 99 Cent Store

One of the best best bands to come out of the 90s grunge scene, Soundgarden put out some great hard rocking albums before disbanding, seeing Chris Cornell go solo, being part of Audioslave, and even singing a James Bond song. With a new album King Animal recently released, catch one of the best bands that came out of the Seattle scene that are still putting out great music. Though small, Supermac packs a hearty punch with it’s gourmet mac & cheese’s like the Mac Cheesesteak with shaved steak, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, cremini/shitake, provolone, and white American ($8.25 mini; $10.95 mega). A great place in NYC to get a full-bodied dark beer is at Stout. With a very detailed beer list with descriptions, I’ve never had a bad pint at this bar and restaurant, plus the food menu is American and quite good. Probably the biggest 99-cent store in NYC, Jack’s 99 Cent Store is three floors of some of the finest values you can find, especially in an overpriced area like Herald Square.

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