The Daily Shortlist January 30


Petes Candy StoreLocation: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Event: Quizz-Off
Venue: Pete’s Candy Store
Food: Chimu
Drink: Union Pool
Miscellaneous: The Meatball Shop

Win a $75 bar tab at Quizz-Off . . . if you can answer a night of ridiculously hard questions. Yeah, nothing in life is easy, but thank god for booze and quiz shows in bars. With so much good food in Williamsburg, you should not forget about Chimu. A Peruvian steakhouse right next to Union Pool, the rotisserie chicken and every other dish I’ve had here is amazing, and it won’t break the bank! For drinks, Union Pool is still one of the best bars in town. If you’re single, it’s a goldmine for ass, the drinks aren’t pricey, and the DJs play an eclectic mix of ridiculously good music. The Meatball Shop offers up a customizable menu featuring meatballs that allows you to build your own meal how you want it, making the selections endless. All the meat and produce are from local farmers plus there’s options for vegetarians!

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