THE SEX FILES: Fun Factory @ The Museum Of Sex

stronic mosAward-winning adult toy manufacturer Fun Factory hosted a launch of their new Stronic “pulsator” at The Museum Of Sex on the corner of 5th and 27th. It’s been a while since I’ve been  to the museum (see my piece on the MOS here), and things have been updated, changed around (although to be fair the museum has always been about changing exhibits and keeping things fresh). Speaking with Jim O’Shea, the museum’s director of visitor services, a man kind enough to give me his time while we stood in the crowded store section during a party he certainly was more than busy at, not only has lots been done to the M.O.S in the time since I last visited, even more is coming. Suffice it to say you owe it to yourself to get down there. Check-out their bar downstairs as well as the exhibits The space is truly something special.

But to the reason I attended, invited as I was by Fun Factory, I got to meet the fantabulous Emilie Rosanvallon (a N.J. born lady, I felt an immediate warmth for her state of birth-as it is mine-as well as to her welcoming smile) and we jawed more than a bit about all things Fun Factory and the Stronic, which I actually have one of (See this video and my pic here). As powerful a vibrator (so powerful it sports the name/description “pulsator”) as you will ever find, I learned from the wonderful Emilie there will be another version of the Stronic released soon, good for uses in places the current Stronic isn’t (it’s nice to have a variety, right?). I also got to see-and place in my grubby little paws-the other colorful fun Fun Factory’s toys on the bright shelves of the M.O.S. store. Again I refer you to pics and link here.

I have to thank Emilie for the invite and Jim for his time. I haven’t had such a good time in a while and my +1 buddy and I certainly explored the many rooms and levels at the Museum Of Sex, mingled and made merry with what turned out to be some of the nicest people I have met.

There’s lots coming from both Fun Factory and also lots of new events and additions to the Museum of Sex, so I’ll keep you abreast.

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