Krigler New York City


krigler relaxingKrigler New York City is the iconic “perfume of prestige” created by Albert Krigler nearly a century ago. Krigler sets out to create signature scents from the finest ingredients; all of which are handmade and precisely blended so as not to overwhelm. The luxurious and unique fragrances also come in the form of lotions, scrubs and candles. I tried three of their scents: Relaxing Verbena, Mediterranean Peach and Sparkling Diamond. Relaxing Verbena is a light, citrus scent that calms the mind. Mediterranean Peach is on the sweeter side, clean and floral in tones. Sparkling Diamond was a mix of strawberry, coconut and champagne; it was my least favorite of the three due to the combination of aromas.

Krigler is a true perfume house and it is still a family business. Its history is as fabled and rich as its admirers, and where else but the Plaza Hotel can you find the full Krigler collection. The perfumers will also mix master your very own signature scent if none from the collection strike your fancy.

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