Man Without Country @ Pianos, 3/7/12


SONY DSCOut of Cardiff, Wales came Man Without Country to Pianos for a pre-SXSW performance. They were not without aplomb, as the small venue was bombarded with sonic waves and furiously flashing strobes. For a developing act, I was pretty content with the effort and production elements used. With some additional material and further visual development, they will definitely have a show worthy of greater acclaim.
The sound of MWC lays firmly in the realm of electronic rock, with a focus on heavy atmospheres and moody matter. They’re a trio, with roles divided among synth, guitar, and percussion. The modified drumkit used is peculiar, with its vertical orientation and combination of drum machine elements. Their current release is their debut LP, last year’s Foe.
The other acts playing that night that I saw were Late Guest at the Party and Valleys. LGATP, with members mostly Italian minus their singer, played dance punk vaguely reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem. They had an off night with their singer ill, but the general sound has some promise. Valleys, from Montreal, left me wanting. The duo’s melancholy and slow music just didn’t have the same impact live that got me on their recordings.
[Photos by Ken Grand-Pierre]

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