Vacationer/Body Language @ Maxwells, 3/1/13

The most fitting allegory for the Vacationer/Body Language co-headlining tour currently streaking down the Southeast would be the extremes of temperature. Body Language heats things up with some fine dance beats, and then Vacationer sweeps up, channeling the coolest of moods. Vacationer headlined tonight, turning Maxwells into a “chillrave.”
Body Language

Body Language are a local group, having first debuted around 2009 with the Speaks EP, and have been partying hard ever since. Their compositions primarily center on their three vocalists. Each manipulate keys or samples, and being male, female, and robotic offers a lot of variation when it comes to spoken word. Drums and bass, the latter of which was handled by Vacationer’s frontman, flush out the group. Later on he credited Body Language as a parent group for his band.
Vacationer had a great start with last year’s Gone. Having seen them already in opening slots a couple times, I expected a lot with them headlining. Unfortunately, they are still not there yet, playing only a short set through their record with no encore. I have a lot of hope though; they have some very appealing vibes and an easy message to get behind. With another solid record and a more involved live show, Vacationer will turn heads. I’ll be keeping an eye on them and telling you “I told you so” when they do.

[photos by Ryan Foster]

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