Australian Coffee and Pies come to NYC at Pie Face


If you are looking for a creative new way to consume carbs, visit Pie Face, a 24 hour pie joint reminiscent of Bondi Sydney, serving savory and sweet pies which boast faces for every flavor. Pie Face, a quick, order at the counter spot, started ten years ago by Australian creators Betty Fong and Wayne Homschek and with hotel tycoon Steve Wynn as a major investor. The first NYC location opened in January 2012 and there are currently three locations up and running – with eight more NYC locations projected to open by end of June. This is the Australian version of the American pizza joint and is the solution to late night cravings or early morning hangovers.
Pie Face 1
You might be surprised to know that Australia is a coffee-obsessed culture with many immigrants being Italian cafe owners. So far, this is the only place in New York City, at the fast cafe level, creating high quality espresso beverages that rival and arguably top Starbucks. Blends are sourced from India, Ethiopia, and Brazil and strengths range from the light: Open My Eyes to medium: Start My Heart, to the zombie cure: Kick My Arse. Order your latte as either flat white (a cappuccino with less foam and a smoother texture) or long black.

The pies, which are prepared in Brooklyn and shipped to the stores, are compact and cute with crust on the bottom and puffed pastry on top, and there are options for any meal. Choose a mini quiche for breakfast and it will not disappoint. The eggs in this are light and fluffy, which sets it apart from other heavy breakfast sandwiches that end in regret. For lunch or dinner you can choose from an array of savory options including Chicken and Mushroom, Chunky Steak, and Tandoori Vegetable ($6.50). The mouth on each pie is the shape of the letter its flavor starts with – for example, Mince Beef with Tomato Pie has an “m” for a mouth.
Pie Face 2These meals can be followed with pies in sweet form, from the best selling apple cherry to a personal favorite, Lamington ($4.50), a layer of lemon sponge cake with a layer of raspberry dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut. These mini treats pair famously with the self-service coffee bar and variety of other baked goods on display to choose from.

Between the 78 Pie Face locations in Australia, three and counting in NYC, and various other locations in the works, this decade marks much success for former fashion designers Fong and Homschek. This franchise hailing from the land down under is unique and seems to have found the perfect niche in a city consumed with an overabundance of pizza, bagel and donut options. For a quick snack or meal that will be a refreshing deviation from the norm, stop by a location in Murray Hill, Theater District, or right by Penn Station.

Pie Face
507A Third Ave (@ 34th Street)
New York, NY 10022
(855) 444 3388
Hours: Open 24 hours

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