Emerald: Color of the Year


Tigi emerald eyelinerPantone declared emerald as the color of 2013. You can incorporate it into your everyday look by applying it into your daily makeup routine. It’s perfect for those with green eyes like me because it accentuates the hue of your eye. It’s also great for those with brown eyes.

I especially loved TIGI’s and Essence’s emerald eye liner. TIGI comes in pencil form and stays on all day. I applied it to my bottom lid with Essence’s version on top because of it’s spectacular sparkle and smooth texture. Both stayed on the entire day without smudging. It was also a switch up from the typical black or brown liner I usually wear. It was indeed a winter dream.

I left the emerald Essence eyeshadow for another day. It makes a statement therefore it’s best to wear with a light dose of mascara and/or black liner. It made my eyes pop and created a smokey illusion. The texture is soft, smooth and easy to apply.

There’s other ways to incorporate the color of the year into your everyday look; one being nail polish. The essence emerald polish wasn’t too drastic and had a darker shade. It’s professional, sophisticated and stylish.

You can purchase these fabulous products at tigi-cosmetics.com and essence.eu.

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