Rhye @ Le Poisson Rouge, 4/17/13


RhyeOne of the more interesting acts that has been trending this Spring is Rhye. Their debut LP, Woman, has hit some significant acclaim with its romantic and jazzy vibes. In LPR’s candlelit gallery, those feelings truly came to life. A strict no photos policy kept the cell phones mostly in people’s pockets and preserved a charming atmosphere. Rhye performed alone.

What is billed as a duo in the media press plays as a six piece live; a very pleasant surprise. Percussion, keyboard, cello, violin, trombone and bass were all present and well utilized. Milosh, the individual whose voice graces the album, acted as a composer in addition to his role as frontman. Songs had notable variations live, which he directed with waves of his hands. Perhaps the most touching moment of the night was the show’s conclusion, where the band faded out to the faintest notes before departing to raucous applause.

Milosh’s jovial banter with the crowd kept the atmosphere light, intimate and carefree, almost inappropriately so. I was left with a feeling that he is still finding his groove as a performer. Regardless, the talent is there and this is not a show to be missed should they tour again soon.

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