Showgirls! The Musical! @ The Kraine Theatre, through May 4, 2013


ShowgirlsAre you a fan of that infamous 1995 movie Showgirls (either of the movie itself or how much fun it is making fun of it)? Are you looking for a laugh-out-loud hour and a half at a historic downtown location? Want to see a bunch of actors exuding such energy they could fell any Broadway musical cast? Looking for some spot-on fun songs?

Might I recommend ‘Trusting The Thrust’ (as the tag line goes) of Showgirls! The Musical! Down at The Kraine Theatre 85 E. 4th street. A 8-person cast romps through the full story of Showgirls (even rounding out a small moment of the movie into one of the best numbers of the night, “Boat Show”) at break neck speed, delivering song and dance that could very well get you crying with laughter. April Kidwell’s “Nomi Malone” is a delight, truly having fun with Elizabeth Berkley’s unique acting from the movie; Marcus Desion’s “Molly” is a hoot and his “James” spot-on silly intense (as many people in the cast here, he does double duty as more than one character) and Rori Nogee delivers a ridiculous Cristal Conners (and I mean ridiculous in the very best sense of the word).

All of these wonderful actors: John Elliot, Philip McLeod, Amanda Nichols, Natalia Wagner and Israel Vinas kick it into high gear here with some wonderfully camp Jason Wise choreography. But this musical would be nothing without the tunes (and how often I bemoan that fact with musicals I have seen in Broadway houses that lack songs) written by Bob and Tobly McSmith (actually they direct and wrote here as well and play bass and guitar live on stage as accompaniment).

I can’t say enough about the good time, the hilarious recreation of the film and the performances here. Get yourself down to the Kraine Theatre Between 4/17 and 5/4 to see boobies, laugh, and revel in the decadent pole-licking joy (there is a song about that too…very funny stuff!) that is Showgirls! The Musical!

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