Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment


Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser TreatmentWho knew that Avon was still around today? The door to door Avon lady is now in the lab mixing and formulating a range of anti-aging products called Anew. The marketing is sleeker than traditional Avon catalogues and the packaging comes in the form of small, silver containers. Avon’s star Anew product is Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment with AF-33 ($40, 1 oz.). It all stops with the long winded name. The targeted treatment lotion is a thick cream with vitamin C, retinol and amino fill 33. The product claims to reduce lines and wrinkles in seven days. I’m on four weeks and it has only made my skin look brighter. Avon is really trying to hold on after decades in the beauty industry, but its products lack long term results. The plus side is Avon’s customer friendly money back guarantee.

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