Bleached: Ride Your Heart

Ride Your Heart
(Dead Oceans)

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Self-described “rock ‘n’ roll post-punk” duo Bleached hails from LA, yet there’s something a little gritty about their sound, which to me is more reminiscent of the east coast. Intrigued by a band who would list both Fleetwood Mac and the Ramones as influences, I recently took a listen of their album, Ride Your Heart, because it sounded…well, it sounds like fun!

Their songs are simple, catchy, and yet they still rock. Sometimes you truly don’t need more than three chords, as Jennifer and Jessica Clavin prove many times over on this album. Their vocal harmonies on the catchy rock n’ roll stomper, “Next Stop,” are a throwback to the 50’s, yet the next track, “Outta My Mind” invokes early indie rock before Rolling Stone snatched it up and labeled it “alternative.”

My other favorite is the title track for the album, featuring punchy tambourines, retro synths, and a sort of Zombies-esque psychedelic vibe. Their punk roots are also evident on “Dead Boy,” a raucous little ditty, which would have made Joey Ramone proud. Ride Your Heart is the perfect summer soundtrack for jumping on your skateboard and heading to Bedford Ave to catch that shuttle bus to Rockaway Beach.

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Adrian Halo is a queer trans artist who moved from Brooklyn to the Bay Area in 2015, where he plays bass and keyboards in various projects including his own electronic/industrial music solo act, Machines With Human Skin. He also enjoys skateboarding and hanging out with his two cats, Rico Suave and Frankie Sinatra.
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