BurgerFi: The Burgerfication of NYC

BurgerFiIn a city housing fast food franchise burger rivals like Shake Shack and Good Burger, it’s hard to imagine another contender joining the ranks. However Southern Florida’s BurgerFi brings much more to the table than just a solid burger. The sheer variety of the “farm to tray” menu is baffling and the attentive, friendly service, reasonable price points, and focus on being green all contribute to the “burgerfication.”

For burgers, choose from a single or a double and you can opt to try a signature burger or create your own. The burgers are only made from all natural grass-fed beef with no antibiotics or hormones that are never frozen or cooked in a microwave. The burgers come branded with the BurgerFi stamp of approval on the top of the bun which is a cute touch. There is a hot dog menu worth perusing if you are in the mood to change it up, or want to try both.

For sides, which are referred to as “accessories,” you can’t go wrong with any of the fry flavors but even better is the Cry & Fries, a combination of both french fries and onion rings (and amazing ones at that). You can order your fries well done (crispy) or limp (other side of the crispiness spectrum).

To drink, there is a decent selection of craft, tap, or bottled beers and a wine list. If you need that carbonation with your meal, the self-serve soda machine features Coca Cola products with flavored syrups to add (cherry, lemon, and vanilla to name a few).

If you can make a tiny bit of tummy room after your Burger Fi feast for dessert, it is worth your while to try the Red Velvet Milkshake, which has actual cake crumbs blended into the shake and is just sweet enough. Keep in mind that while this venue is environmentally sustainable, it does nothing to help your waistline – a meal here could easily add up to your daily caloric allotment if you take advantage of too many of the options.

1571 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10028
(646) 684-3172

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