The Daily Shortlist May 28


Secret-Chiefs-3Location: Lower East Side, NYC
Music: Secret Chiefs 3
Venue: The Stone
Show time: 8 & 10 PM
Food: Supper
Drink: Barramundi
Miscellaneous: Kudos

Led by guitarist Trey Spruance, Secret Chiefs 3 is an instrumental rock act that both covers too many styles and has had too many band members to list but play an array of styles from surf rock to Persian. A favorite restaurant of mine, Supper has a dimly lit, all-wood interior giving it a rustic vibe. They even have what looks like a bar overlooking the chefs cooking for you to watch. The Italian menu offers some fantastic food too. Though it might sound like it has to do with Buddhism, Barramundi is actually an Australian owned bar that has infused vodkas, sangria, and a laundry list of mixed drinks like the Champagne Cocktail made with sugar and bitters with Courvoisier, topped with bubbly. If coffee and a snack is your thing, Kudos is an inexpensive place to get baked goods, a cup of coffee and chill before the show.

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