The Hush Sound and Hockey @ Webster Hall, 5/14/13



Supported by opening acts River City Extension, Lucas Carpenter, and Genevieve (of Company of Thieves), The Hush Sound and Hockey each played sets at Webster Hall this past Tuesday, May 14th. Kicking off the first night of the bands’ tour, Hockey played a mix of songs from their first album, Mind Chaos, as well as several songs from their new record, Wyeth IS. Although a few of the older songs they played, such as “Work” and “Too Fake,” sounded decent live, a few of their new songs, which sound excellent on their record, just didn’t seem to translate well to the stage. Perhaps there were a few kinks that needed working out, given that the tour had just begun.
Hockey live 1
Hockey live 2The Hush Sound later took the stage and cranked the energy in the room way up. The band sounded tight and their songs were fun and lively. With such highlights as “We Intertwined,” “Echo,” “Not a Stranger” and “Hospital Bed Crawl,” the band traded off lead vocals between keyboardist Greta Salpeter and guitarist Bob Morris. The crowd definitely seemed to be having a good time, clapping and dancing along to the band’s catchy songs. The members of the band too seemed to be having fun with a little witty banter here and there and with Greta being especially chatty with the audience.
Hush Sound live 1

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