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I say screw the New York Times with their “All the news that’s fit to print” ethos (actually I pretty much say screw The New York Times equally with screw The New York Post and every other paper in the country) here’s some of the latest news that I think that ‘fits’ our sexual world:

1.)    Have you seen the perfect breasts in Robin Thick’s new, unrated “Blurred Line” video? (go here) It’s one of those viral ‘thangs’ that’s making the rounds, but more from the popularity of Thick than the fact that there’s naked boobs…because at this point, we’re all kind of used to seeing naked boobs come across video on our computer or smartphone. Still, like I say, there are some nice naked boobs here.

2.)    Fun Factory is holding a launch of their new STRONIC ZWEI at the Museum of Sex (Bust magazine sponsors here too) this Thursday in NYC.

3.)    St. Louis cab drivers will now be fined $100, plus suffer other penalties if they play porn inside their cab. According to St. Louis Commission Chairman Lou Hamilton “Even without a passenger present in the car, they may not operate a video player or any kind of device that is playing pornographic or other objectionable material.” A recent incident inspired Hamilton. It seemed a St. Louis resident had an accidental ‘encounter’ with porn while stopping her car at a intersection, only to look over to see a video playing on the drop-down screen inside a cab in front of her. To be fair, the cab driver seems to have had been playing the video for his male passenger’s amusement).

But don’t worry, because in related news…

4.)    Juniper Research found that with mobile porn subscriptions increasing they will receive at least $1 billion in revenue by 2015. Smartphones and tablets and ever-faster mobile data connections aids this growth, with North America and Western Europe assumed to account for over 70 percent of the MAR or mobile adult revenue.

5.)    In England this week, the 2013 ETO Awards honored the best adult products, brands, distributors and retailers. Some of the winners: Best Female Product, “Thrill” by We-Vibe; UK’s own (and an actual publisher of some of my work) Xcite Books took home the Best Erotic Books Brand; the Best Online Retailer was Lovehoney.co.uk and Best Erotic Author as well as ETO’s Award for ‘Services to the Industry’, was 50 Shades’ E.L. James.

6.)    In the blocking porn department, running close behind Britain’s constant attempts to regulate dirty stuff streaming across the net, lobbyists in Scotland are pressuring the government to adopt IPS filtering and the Indian government has just ordered the blocking of 39 porn sites’ IPS’s. Yes, you can’t now watch porn in a cab in St. Louis and you also might be restricted in the UK, Scotland and India.

And speaking of  India

7.)    Justice C. S. Karnan of India’s Madras High Court ruled this week that if a couple of legal age chooses to “indulge in sexual gratification,” this act confirms marriage between them (wow!). Stating further, the judge said that ‘religious affectations’ usually determining traditional wedding ceremonies are merely “societal formalities” and are not required to legally make a marriage. The judge’s ruling came in an appeal decision for a  woman suing her ex live-in boyfriend. It seems the couple cohabitated for five years and had two children and the lady was now looking for the guy to pay child support. A lower court ruled the woman was not owed any money because “there was no documentary evidence of a legal marriage between the couple” but on Monday came Karnan’s overturned ruling.

8.)    Thank God Michael Douglas cleared this all up (or at least his representative did). Douglas ‘implied’ to The Guardian newspaper about a month ago that his recent throat cancer came from oral sex, saying:  “without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV (human papillomavirus), which actually comes from cunnilingus.” But now the actor’s spokesman Allen Burry claims Douglas never said oral sex was the cause of his cancer…it just could be one of the many causes.

“In a discussion with the newspaper, they talked about the causes of oral cancer, one of which was oral sex, which is noted and has been known for a while now,” Burry said.

So there’s a little spin around the globe for some tasty items. I hope you enjoyed them and might seek out your own. You know you can always write me here with what you’ve found; I’d be delighted actually in hearing about what you’ve unearthed. ‘Til next time.

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