Australian Gold Instant Bronze Self Tanning Lotion


Australian Gold Instant Bronze Self Tanning LotionI used to be best friends with the sun, but as I get older, I see what a bad influence he can be trying to make me look older. I have to limit hang out time, but don’t want to lose that after glow. So, I turned to the trusted name in tanning products: Australian Gold. I picked up a tube of Australian Gold Instant Bronze Self Tanning Lotion ($9. 4.5 oz.) to get me through my solar breakup. Typically, I am suspicious of self-tanners because ain’t nothing like the real thing. Australian Gold Self-Tanning lotion is with me all the time now. The lotion is infused with chamomile, vitamin E and the sweetest aroma of summer. It goes on like other soothing lotions without streaking or spots, leaving a natural, deep bronze after two hours. The tan lasted for a couple of days before I needed to reapply. Summer is here and as much as I want to bask in the sun, I also don’t want to look like a deflated football by September. Australian Gold just may be the sun’s fiercest competitor.

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