Bower Hill Society: An Evening with Bols Genever & Alchemy Creamery


Bower Hill SocietyOn Thursday, July 25, the Bower Hill Society hosted a cocktail soiree featuring cocktails from Bols Genever along with ice cream from Alchemy Creamery. The Bower Hill Society began as a business case for supporting the alcohol expenses for online marketing agency, the JAR group. Now the club hosts spirit tastings in the agency’s gorgeous Dumbo loft office. Most of the attendees at the tasting were a friend of a friend, but by signing up for the society’s email list anyone can receive an invitation. Alchemy Creamery, the vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free ice cream that has a regular booth at Smorgasburg, was serving ice cream from their cart. The Caffina’s Cup coffee-flavored ice cream infused with Galliano Ristretto was delightful. At the bar, guests were encouraged to try a Kopstootje, or a “little head butt,” which is the traditional Dutch way of having a shot and a beer. This entailed bending over a small tulip glass of Genever and slurping as much of the shot as possible, as not to spill any, and then finishing off any unslurped portion before enjoying the beer.

For spirit enthusiasts, upcoming events by the Bower Hill Society can be found at:

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