LaVanila Pure Vanilla Fragrance


LaVanila Pure Vanilla FragranceI had no idea perfume could be vegan considering I typically associate the term with food. LaVanila Laboratories (that’s only one L for vanilla in the brand name) has a line of roller ball fragrances that are vegan and cruelty free. I tried LaVanila Pure Vanilla ($18, .32 oz.) which is made from pure sugar cane and 30 vitamins. Since the fragrance is a roller ball, it dispenses well and evenly. The fragrance itself is light when it comes to vanilla with a slight baby powder aroma, and surprisingly a bit of musk. For this reason, it can be a unisex fragrance, but the scent seems to fade after a couple of hours. The roller ball comes in a modern glass vile, which is a perfect travel size. All in all, I like the product, but it leaves me with a desire for a longer lasting scent. If you are into a light, feminine fragrance with a hint of spice that you didn’t want to commit to for an entire day or evening, then LaVanila is a great option. I’d also recommend it for small spaces with other people who are sensitive to strong fragrances.

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