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I personally like Ciara. She’s an incredible dancer and I like her as an entertainer. What I don’t always like is her choice of records. This far in the game, she should be a bit more settled into her style. We’re all aware she isn’t the biggest vocalist, and that’s cool – her generation isn’t as focused on big voices. I will say I commend her ambition; she continually tries again. There was a formula to her very first album, and I’m curious as to why she strayed so far away. I wish I understood the real issue she has with Jazze Pha. This album isn’t the greatest. I have to be honest. “I’m Out,” Ciara’s first official single, brings her out as a pop crunk fusion-evolved, 2013-styled artist. Having a hyped, sped-up toast-to-goodbyes makes a girl feel good about breaking up. It’s sure to get someone into party mode. Featuring the most appropriate artist, Ms. Nicki Minaj, only reinforces the celebration. “Sophomore” is cool, although it reminds me of the late Aaliyah, in certain ways. “Body party” is probably my favorite song off the album, as it’s sexy and catchy. It also samples one of the most popular underground records, “My Boo.” It’s the secret ingredient and it works wonderfully. “Keep on Lookin’” is a party song to the fullest! Ciara obviously makes a soundtrack for dancers. The chop and screw makes it hypnotic. “Read my lips” is a bit generic for me, plus it sounds like a 2010 record. It’s dated. I know she has a formula, but we all have to match the times. “Where You Go” has so much potential; there could have been more effort put forth. “Super Turnt Up” sounds like a promising tittle, but unfortunately it disappoints. I don’t think these records were fully thought out. We’re in such a “fast food” society we stop taking our time. Sometimes time helps you put things in perspective. “Livin’ It Up,” also a Nicki Minaj feature, is the only other song besides “Body Party” that grabs me. It’s fun, free and flirty. As I stated before, I like her and want her to win! But she needs a new team of writers and creative assistants. She keeps trying, though. You have to respect that.

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