FILM: In A World… starring Lake Bell

Lake Bell stars in In a World
Lake Bell stars in In a World

Lake Bell (No Strings Attached, It’s Complicated) writes, directs, and stars in her quirky comedy: In A World. Bell plays Carol Solomon, a struggling voice coach living at home with her father (Fred Melamed). The film opens with news on the passing of voice-over-artist and legend Don LaFontaine. With his death rocking the small voice-over world, Carol stumbles into a bigger dream and attempts to find her footing in the male-dominated industry of movie-trailer voice-overs.

When we first meet Carol, she lives at home with her egomaniacle father Sam Sotto (Melamed) who reigns as the new undisputed King of voice-overs now that Don LaFontaine is no longer in the running. When Sam kicks Carol out to make room for his young girlfriend Jamie (Alexandra Holden), she lands on her sister Dani’s (Michaela Watkins) couch. But days later a chance voice-over job falls in Carol’s lap where she beats out industry prince, Gustav Warner (Ken Marino). Proving her talent, Carol then lands two more gigs and on Sam and Gustav’s radar. When they both discover that Carol is running to become the official voice of a female-centered blockbuster, plots form to teach the latest upstart her place in the voice-over world. Through it all, a love blossoms between Carol and charming sound engineer Louis (Demetri Martin), while the foundation of Dani and her husband Moe’s (Rob Corddry) love shows signs of cracking. Each plotline–whether the romance or the navigation of Carol’s career through sexism, power, and family dysfunction–is told with a light-hearted, original humor that keeps you wanting to find out whether Carol will eventually cave under her father’s bullying or if she will finally begin living life on her own terms.

Lake Bell (Star, Writer, Director, Producer) won the Sundance 2013 Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for her In A World…, script. She was also honored with the New Voices in Screenwriting Award at the 2013 Nantucket Film Festival. Bell has also directed several episodes of Adult Swim’s Emmy Award-winning comedy Children’s Hospital, from which she pulled several of her In A World… co-stars (i.e. Rob Corddry, Nick Offerman, Ken Marino, and Michaela Watkins). Bell and her hilarious co-stars all combine to make In A World… a unique, niche must-see comedy.

In A World…, starring Lake Bell is now in theaters nationwide.

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